Tyvek®Soft Structure Style 14S - Metalized

Size: 60" x 10yd roll
Sale price$199.00


Tyvek®Soft Structure Style 14S - Metalized

Tyvek®14-S is a Metalized version of Tyvek® 1443R. It also offers excellent wet and dry protection and provides an excellent barrier. With its soft and fabriclike hand, Tyvek 14S is extremely lightweight, strong, and durable. It has very good light block out properties when used as an interlining for double sided flags and banners. Metalized Tyvek is lightweight, flexible and easy to cut and sew. 

Typical uses:

Indoor covers• Kites • Flag interlining • Bivy sacks • Promotional apparel & accessories

  • pH 7 (neutral) • Water-resistant • Breathable
  • silver one side
  • 1.25 oz/yd2 [59 g/m2]
  • uncoated - Soft Fabric-like
  • 3" Core
  • 1 Roll/ Box

Temperature Ranges for Tyvek®

Tyvek® provides superb performance across a wide range of temperatures. In cold temperatures it retains its toughness and flexibility down to -131°F (-73°C). It will not begin to shrink until the temperature reaches 2447°F (118°C) or melt until 275°F (135°C). The auto-ignition temperature for Tyvek® is 650°F (343°C)

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