One of the most important advantages of PaperTyger is the ease of printing and converting. This unique high white paper/film/paper laminate can produce vivid images for graphics and sharp definition for detailed text and bar codes. No special inks, setups or prolonged drying times are required which helps reduce cost.  

Outdoorpaper now offers PaperTyger in folio sheet sizes:

 Product#   Description       Sheet Size      Shts/Carton        Price/Ctn     Wt/Ctn
64906          27#/100gsm          23"x 35"             1,000                $972.08          116lbs
64907          27#/100gsm          25"x 38"             1,000              $1148.06          137lbs
64909          54#/150gsm          23"x 35"                700                $979.62          167lbs
64910          54#/150gsm          25"x 38"                700              $1155.60          197lbs
64912          74#/200gsm          23"x 35"                500                $959.52           229lbs
64913          74#/200gsm          25"x 38"                500               $1131.30          270lbs

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PaperTyger Advantages:

  • Performs well on all offset litho printing equipment using conventional inks.
  • Also performs well on a wide variety of equipment such as office and desktop printers, copiers and commercial digital printing presses.
  • Can be litho pre-printed then laser secondary printed for applications where variable print at point is required.
  • Can be converted like paper, as illustrated on the converting techniques below that included:
  1. Guillotine sheeting and trimming
  2. Roll slitting
  3. Die cutting
  4. Hole punching and drilling
  5. Perforating
  6. Folding
  7. Gluing and bonding
  8. Foil stamping
  9. Embossing