OutdoorPaper will work with your firm to locate specific items that are not currently in our product offering. Our partnerships with the industry’s leading manufacturers, distributors, logistic and support teams allow us to deliver quality, specialty products and services competitively priced - directly to our customers. We offer this service at no charge. 

Examples of products sourced and sold to our customers:

  • Tyvek 1073B medical grade roll stock
  • Thermoplastic sheet and roll stock
  • Packaging film
  • Laboratory filter membranes
  • Label and tag roll stock
  • Reemay non-woven fabric - mill size rolls

We proudly serve the following industries:

  • Advertising & Signage
  • Architectural & Construction
  • Automotive
  • Consumer & Industrial Goods
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Field Service
  • Government
  • Graphic Arts 
  • Healthcare
  • Hobby
  • Manufacturing & Packaging
  • Military
  • Printing
  • Warehousing

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