Why Should I Buy From OutdoorPaper.com?

Because we offer the best brands with the highest quality substrates, paired with personalized service and support that helps you to run your small business profitably and efficiently. We have built our reputation on providing the knowledge, sourcing and products that help you confidently create successful applications.

Our sourcing capability allows us to offer North America's largest in-stock selection of premium waterproof substrates for digital, offset, wide format and laser/toner printing. We can also provide you with custom service that complements the unique needs of your business or project. 

OutdoorPaper.com is committed to being there for all your waterproof or specialty paper needs, from purchase to print. If we don't offer it on website, contact us. We will find the solution.

Where Can I Get Help On Choosing The Right Product For My Printer?

Vist our RESOURCE links on the bottom left Home page and go to Printing Guide for a brief outline. If you need more information or have questions, please CONTACT US.

Where Do You Ship From?

We are centrally located in the Chicago area and ship most of our products from here. Our sourcing capability allows us to also ship from Pennsylvania, Florida and Washington (state) depending on product, quantity and stock.

How Is Shipping Calculated and How Do You Ship?

Shipping charges are based on weight, size and destination. We currently use UPS Ground Calculated Rates slightly discounted. We will however, also ship via FedEx and USPS Priority Mail depending on cost. We strive to keep our shipping rates accurate and cost effective. CREATE AN ACCOUNT with us to receive shipping discounts.


Yes, we currently offer FREE SHIPPING to new and returning customers upon registering an account with us. FREE SHIPPING is limited to shipping costs $30 and less per order.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, but our website is currently designed for shipping primarily throughout the USA and Canada. Please CONTACT US if you are interested in our products and request an international shipping quote. 

I Don't See The Substrate I Need On OutdoorPaper's Website. Do You Sell Other or Custom Products?

Yes, through our sourcing network of manufacturing resources, we have access to hundreds of custom products to help find a product that meets the requirements your project requires. We will continue to add new products to our website including print-on-demand pressure sensitive labels and unique tag substrates. CONTACT US to assist you and we'll provide a quotation.

Do You Offer Product Specifications?

Yes, please CONTACT US and request what you need. We are in the process of creating and uploading data sheets for the products we offer, so they will be readily  available on our website soon.

Do You Offer Environmentally Friendly Products?

Yes, OutdoorPaper.com offers a variety of products that offer environmental advantages. We offer FSC certified papers, recycled papers and synthetics, and substrates made with alternative materials including bamboo, cotton, and even stone. CONTACT US to find the right substrate that has the eco-conscious properties that best fit your environmental goals.