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PaperTyger paper is a type of laminated hybrid paper. This means that it is not entirely synthetic, but instead consists of a natural paper printing surface, reinforced with a synthetic inner core. As such, PaperTyger’s paper structure is unique because it offers the durability of synthetics but the printing ease of real paper (because it is).

PaperTyger durable paper offers protection from water exposure as well as tear and grease resistance. Using PaperTyger saves businesses time and money and ensures the delivery of efficient solutions for your printing needs. 

PaperTyger’s printing perks are in part a result of our paper’s compatibility with a range of printers. Instead of outsourcing print projects, customers can use PaperTyger in-house by printing with one of these compatible technologies: 

PaperTyger is ideal for businesses that require a more durable product than standard paper. Since PaperTyger paper runs on most printers and is compatible with inkjet, laser, offset, digital, HP Indigo, and UV printing methods, it can be used for various applications.

This paper comes in a variety of sizes and weights and can be used in-house for print-on-demand mapsdurable manuals, construction/engineering documents and more. It has the look and feel of regular paper and is suitable for use anytime printed materials will be subject to frequent handling or short-term environmental elements. 

How To Use PaperTyger For In-House Printing 

Synthetics typically require special inks, settings, plates, profiles, and prolonged drying times, making these products less cost-effective. Since PaperTyger is not a fully synthetic product, it’s the perfect option in cases where an uncoated printing surface is ideal, efficient printing methods are crucial, strength is important, and pricing is essential.  

PaperTyger performs well on a wide variety of equipment such as office and desktop printers, copiers, and commercial digital printing presses. There are no special inks or setups required, ensuring the printing ease of traditional paper products.  

Some added bonuses of PaperTyger products, other than hassle-free finishing and converting performance, are that they can be guillotine cut, die-cut, scored, folded, and glued, among other processes. Marketers, designers, and print professionals have a unique choice for a multi-tasking substrate that combines the best of both worlds. PaperTyger offers a variety of paper options, so to ensure you choose the best for your business needs, request a free sample here.


Courtesy of Chase Corporation / Layla May - author

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