Weatherproof Laser Sheets™

Our Weatherproof Laser Sheets (economy brand) are a high grade polyester substrate with a high performance printable coating on both sides. It combines the physical qualities of a polyester film with the "look and feel" of a premium paper.
They are ideally suited for any kind of print applications that are subject to frequent handling or subject to extreme environmental conditions and can be printed with most laser, digital printers and other toner based printers and copiers. 

A Full Synthetic Paper
Weatherproof Laser Sheets are a 100% PET based substrate designed for durability. This also makes them waterproof, tear proof, grease & stain resistant and also can be die-punched. They are also high heat resistant and can stand temperatures up to 475 degrees F.

This is a premium product, with a most durable coating on an opaque polyester base. The opaque polyester base provides high opacity with a minimum coating. This superior proprietary coating is SCUFF FREE and has a brightness of >96%, besides offering better static control for high-speed presses.