Tyvek®Sheets -12" x 18" uncoated

Quantity: 1000 sheets
Weight/Thickness: 14# - 54 gsm/6.4 mil
Sale price$550.00



Tyvek®Sheets -12"x 18"  Style 1056D (14#) or 8740D (18#)

Printable with offset, HP Indigo, digital (inkjet), latex, UV and screen methods, this Tyvek®Graphic Media style combines all the best physical properties of paper, film and fabric - in one outstanding material. Unlike other synthetic products, Tyvek® offers both water resistance and breathability. It is equally protective and strong in wet, dry and extreme environmental conditions. Tyvek® is lightweight, smooth, flexible, opaque, waterproof, tear-proof and resists rot, mildew, chemicals, abrasion and aging. Made from 100% high density polyethylene fibers. For use in a variety of applications.

Product Notes:

  •  Strong and durable, even in extended exposure to sun, heat, cold or wind
  •  Withstands extreme temperatures (from -100°F to 270°F, -56°C to 104°C)
  •  Resists rot and mildew, perfect for outdoor use
  •  Resists fading for long-lasting colors 
  •  Tear and puncture-resistant
  •  Water and chemical-resistant
  •  Can be sewn or glued without losing strength
  •  Printable on offset, HP Indigo, digital (inkjet), latex, UV and screen methods
  •  Certified for HP Indigo presses
  •  Neutral PH
  •  Tyvek Styles: 1056D / 8740D
  •  Thickness: 6.4 mil (1056D} / 7.5 mil (8740D)
  •  Paper weight equivalent: 14# / 18#
  •  Basis weight: 54 gsm (1.6 oz/yd2) / 68 gsm (2.0 oz/yd2)
  •  Recyclable


Tyvek sheets are not for use in laser or electrostatic copiers due to the high temperatures involved in the printing units, which will melt Tyvek if a jam occurs. 

Typical Applications:

Tags and Labels
Art and Craft projects
Maps, Charts & Guides
Outdoor Signs
Racing Bib Numbers 
Legal Tags
Book Covers
General Graphics & Identification
Protector of Fine Finishes for Art, Metals, Marble, Glass and more

Technical Data Sheets:


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