waterproof labels

REVLAR Waterproof Labels - Clear Gloss Permanent Adhesive - 8.5"x 11" label with a PAPER Liner


  • $68.00

REVLAR Waterproof Labels - for PRINT-ON-DEMAND labels, tags, decals, signage.
Durable, water and tear-resistant for a wide range of paper/cardboard applications.
This product is a high grade polyester substrate with a high performance printable coating on one side and a film liner with adhesive back on the other. It combines the physical qualities of a polyester film with the "look and feel" of a premium paper.
It is ideally suited for any kind of print application that is subject to frequent handling or extreme environmental conditions and can be printed with most laser/toner printers & copiers as well with digital presses. 

2 mil - 270 GSM with a PAPER Liner and Permanent Adhesive

Typical Applications: 

  • Box / Shipping container labeling
  • Product identifications
  • Fiber drum labeling
  • Promotional stickers
  • Warning labels
  • Craft products labeling