Akiles Coilmac-EX Pro, Electric Punch & Bind 4:1 (.2475) Oval Holes



  • Binding Capacity: Up to 2"
  • Electric Full-Size Inserter and Electric Coil Crimper
  • Fully Disengageable Pins
  • Punching Capacity: Up to 25 sheets (20lb Paper)

The Akiles CoilMac-EX Pro is your ultimate All-In-One electric coil binding machine. With this electric coil binder you will not be needing other extra machines or tools as it conveniently combines the features of a Coil Punch, Inserter, and Crimper. As it is an All-In-One machine, it streamlines the process of coil binding which makes for faster and smoother operation and production. The machine is run by a heavy-duty motor that can punch up to 25 sheets of 20 lbs paper at a time, the metal construction is built to last for many years of service. With 54 fully disengageable pins that can be independently pulled to establish hole margins allow users to customize and create clean and professional oval hole punch of any paper size. These disengageable pins eliminate unsightly half holes that happen at the end of the paper margin. Oval hole punch has its advantages over standard round holes, not only does it make turning of pages easier but it also easily accommodates varied coil type and size for faster insertion, the hole shape also offers a more ideal hole margin. Insertion is quick with the built-in full-sized coil inserter. When insertion is done, users can immediately crimp coils in the built-in electric coil crimper that can be operated with the included foot pedal which can also be used in operating the puncher for a safe and hands free operation. On the unlikely event of jams, a manual reverse function is available. Depth Margin Control provides correct punch margin depth for different book sizes. Open Punching Throat and Continuous Punching Guide allows operators to work with oversized documents with the same precision and ease. For fast and professional level of coil binding, the  Akiles CoilMac-EX Pro is the only machine you will ever need!


  • Electric Coil Crimper. Adjustable coil crimper can cut and crimp coils from 6 to 50 mm.
  • Electric Coil Inserter. On/Off switch and adjustable bottom roller gives you the flexibility to insert small and large coils.
  • Heavy Duty Punch Motor. All metal machine punches up to 25 sheets of 20lb paper.
  • Fully Disengageable Pins All 54 pins can be independently pulled and disengaged, for a clean and professional ovel hole punch of any paper size.
  • Depth Margin Control. Provides the correct punch margin depth for multiple book sizes.
  • Reverse Function. Manually reverse motor in case of jams (Allen wrench needed)
  • Open Punching Throat and Continuous Punching Guide. For easy alignment and punching of oversized documents.
  • Foot Pedal Operation. Allows the free use of both hands, granting the operator complete control of punching and crimping.


Manufacturer Akiles
Manufacturer Item # ACM-EX41+ Pro
Punching Capacity Up to 25 sheets (20 lbs paper)
Punching and Crimping Operation Electric (Foot Pedal)
Coil Inserting Electric (On/Off Switch)
Hole Size Oval (4mm x 5mm)
Pitch Letter 4:1 (0.248")
Disengageable Dies All 54
Punching Length 13.5" with open throat for longer documents
Binding Capacity Up to 2" (50mm)
Dimensions 18" W x 16" D x 10" H
Weight 55 lbs
Warranty 1 Year


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