use wide-format PaperTyger® for weather-resistant CAD / GIS printing

use papertyger for cad / gis drawings and maps

Aside from the superior durability and tear proof qualities of this durable paper, it is also a cost-effective and time efficient way to print. In most applications for example, it removes the necessity to manually laminate paper in order to shield it from every day wear and tear.

PaperTyger® is a layered paper with a film core, which makes it water and tear resistant. A polymer film core allows the durability of synthetic paper with the look and feel of standard paper. It does not make applications completely waterproof however, unlike some synthetic papers, but because of its unique construction of paper/film/paper, PaperTyger ® will run on almost any inkjet or toner printer / plotter.

The high white paper/film/paper laminate can produce vivid images for graphics and sharp definition for detailed text, technical drawings and schematics, making it a versatile media for a diverse range of applications.

Papertyger durable paperWide format papertyger